Trends in “hot” interviews need updating

1. Group interview

Group interviews are a very popular method of interviewing you can “face” throughout your career. As the name implies, this interview usually consists of two or more people, including the Head of Recruitment, Direct Management, even the Board. In another perspective, group interviews mean that you will have to compete in a “talent forest” for a chance to shine in front of the employer.

Why are senior recruiters so excited about this method of interviewing? Because it helps them save time while screening the best talent.

In terms of candidate psychology, the more people interviewed, the more stressed the candidate will be. In your opinion, what is the key factor in successful recruiting in a group interview? If your answer is “confidence”, congratulations. Confidence is the “trump card” that helps you to excel in group interviews.

Investment practice, self-confidence!

Countless eyes are on you? Your gestures are getting noticed? Relax, forget about everything and turn your interview into a “stage” of your own in a confident and professional manner right from the first step. In addition, equip yourself with knowledge about group interview trends. Practice eye contact as well as using body language to convey the focus to the recruiter in the most flexible way. All the investment for the preparation work will help you to calm down, focus on the ability of yourself before the employer.

2. Video Interviews

The advancement of technology not only brings a sense of convenience to people but also blows a new wind for employment trends. And one thing for sure is that professional recruiters cannot afford to ignore the technological gadgets they bring – video interviews.

So, what challenges will you encounter with this method? Case in the interview process, the network signal suddenly flicker, you will be distracted, cannot completely focus on answering questions, impressed with the employer. In addition, personal factors may also affect the interviewing style. Many candidates are distracted, their eye contact is deflected when suddenly the sound of the cell phone, the presence of family members or even the reflection of themselves on the computer screen. So, how can you conquer this form of the interview?

100% focused – 100% winning

To be successful, candidates must remove external influences and express their personal style. A tip is for those who are distracted, check out the tech elements they need or find a meeting room equipped with high-speed Internet access and stability to stay connected. feel secure in the interview process. Also, arrange the ideal time for an interview. Also, do not forget to practice how to express, behave to be as perfect as possible. Practice makes perfect – it’s definitely not far off for those who know how to try and focus on the little things.

3. Interview with the “questions”

“If this interview is a stage, what song will you give us?”

“Tell us the most serious mistake you have ever made in your career?”

“If you were a cartoon character, what character would you be? Why?”

Have you ever been to an interview with questions such as this? If not, welcome to the world of trendy interviews with weird questions!

You may be wondering why top employers use such questions. This is a very creative method to determine the ability to cope quickly, turn the candidate’s situation when faced with problems, and find out the level of improvement from mistakes in the past to high. Where to find the best candidate – who will work together, sticking with the company for a long time. When answering these questions, do not put your mind to it and concentrate too much on it; Relax, listen to your feelings and give honest answers. In addition, you should also use the answers to highlight the possibilities that you think fit the particular business you are applying. For example, you choose Alice in WonderlandThe character will incarnate if he has the power; Explain to the employer what personality traits Alice possesses that can help her become an excellent employee, and that is also why you want to be Alice.

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