Travel Tips: Travel by Train (Trains)

First, go to the train station where you live. Assuming you are in HCMC, go to Saigon Station and refer to train travel schedule and route selection. When you arrive at the station, take a paper and write along with a map because the terminal does not have maps for you and it is best to look at the train schedule yourself. Do not ask because the station staff will give you a look at the bullets, not the customer service you are looking forward to!

If you take a cross-country train, choose a slow train (Strain) instead of a fast train (train E). The reason is that you are traveling that. Because fast trains will have time to stop at stations very quickly (to save time).

If you choose to point to each other, the choice of a fast or slow train is up to you.

Once you have a trip map by marking the points that the ship will stop on the map, bring it back home and prepare it.

Your journey by train needs

  • A suitcase with wheels to pull. This wheel is REQUIRED. The reason is from the train station to train is a long road, sometimes even km. With slim girlfriends, carrying a large suitcase would be an impossible task, and boyfriends would not be able to wear a suit while wearing their girlfriend. On the road to travel, you can not ask anyone. They will push you over, hitting your hips rather than helping you. Besides, valy should have a relatively safe lock and waterproof fabric layer to prevent rain as well as knives.
  • A small flashlight, tied to a string and worn on the neck. Reason: light on the boat is easy to turn off or when the boat pass (day) the whole cabin is dark, very not very good.
  • A small face towel for you to go wash your face
  • A roll of toilet paper.
  • Stomach drug
  • Water
  • Some junk food if you want.
  • Camera. Behaving with a camera is an art. You should not say that your camera is expensive and that it is in front of the same compartment (chambers). After the station, take pictures of the activities of the station, you should put in the bag and lock again, to stay neatly
  • Some other personal tools as you like
  • All the money should be on the ATM card, just to spend money just enough to spend. An ATM card should be left in your purse if it is in the inner pocket of the trouser if it is male and the bag is sealed. If you are a woman, you can put your ATM card in your pocket, put it in your pocket
  • Walking clothes should choose jeans and pull-shirt thick but short-sleeved, low shoes (with female)

Pick up on the train

Choose seats near the door. Ask the ticket clerk at the door they will show you. However, sit close to the door has a disadvantage: if you walk across the place often stoned, you must remember to close the door or prepare safeguard measures.

If you choose a bed in a normal carriage (6-bedroom), you should choose 1 or 3 beds, ie ground or high. By choosing bed 2, 3 people climb or 1 person stand up. Choose a good luggage under your seat is easy to observe. Choose 3 is a quiet realm, not disturbed.

Bed of luxury car should choose bed 1 rather than 2 because 2 on top of people stand up quite troublesome and climb down slightly inconvenient.

Down train

Wait for everyone to come down to avoid jostling. No one will drive you away.

If you have to go down immediately, follow these steps:

  • Rearrange the blankets and see if anything is missing.
  • For mobile phones deep in the pants pocket, it is best to wear it in the chest. Put the flashlight back on the wallet.
  • Keep luggage in the middle of the room and check to see if the bag is full.
    Get off the gas station, always away from others for a certain distance, if you have to squeeze, use your hand to stop others close to you.
  • When moving out of the station, do not get someone else to pull suitcases or look at things. You can lose all your belongings.

If you choose a taxi, pick a taxi with clear signage of the major airlines and remember the driver’s name, vehicle number.

If you choose a motorbike taxi, get out of the station area quite a distance.

Traveling by train is a great experience as you sit there and watch the glittering stars in the sea – the night fishing boats or the daytime mountain cruise you’ll see the sky in the water. Do not forget to take beautiful photos. Finally, remember to practice my tips so that you do not have to be frustrated when you leave the train.

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