Pocket Travel experience Co To 3 days only with 1.5 million

White sand paradise is not only in the Central and South, but Co To Island (Quang Ninh) also enchant visitors by the pristine beaches with white sand, water blue sky. A three-day weekend schedule of $ 1.5- $ 1.8 million will make you have an unforgettable experience on this beautiful island.

Cô is an archipelago of Quang Ninh Province. The island is about 22km from the shore. Coming to Co To you will enjoy the beach stretches, with soft white sand beaches, watching the sunset on the sea is diverting from Co Lighthouse. For a memorable trip to Co To island, visitors can refer to some of the experiences below:

Experiences moving to Co To

From Hanoi, there are bus trips to Cam Pha, Cua Ong at My Dinh bus stations and Giap Bat. There are car garages to Cai Rong port such as Xuan Truong car (coming from My Dinh), Duc Mien car garage with a fare of 150k / person; Or can ride Kumho Viet Thanh more expensive for 200k / person. The time from Hanoi to Cai Rong port is about 4-5 hours.

From Cai Rong port to Co To island, there are 2 types of ships: high-speed boats and wooden ships. High-speed boat to the island takes about 90 minutes, 2 flights a day, departing Cai Rong port at 8 am and 13 pm; From the island to the mainland is 8h15 and 15h15 per day. The slower ship takes about 3 hours, departs at 6:30 from the harbor and 13h30 from the island but the train is very susceptible to waves.

The experience of renting rooms

In Co To now, there are many hotels, motels, and homestay so you can comfortably choose the room if going on holidays should be booked in advance to avoid the room. Co To has electricity, has wifi island so you are quite convenient to use map instructions. Normally, you should choose hotels, guesthouses near the beach for easy access and sightseeing, check in live “virtual”. Love beach is the ideal point for your choice, just near the Love Road, 1 km from the town, 4 minutes from the beach and Hong Van.

Hotel room rates in Co To 500-700 thousand VND / double room or homestay service with comfortable rooms are more soft price, about 300 to 500 thousand VND / room. Hong Van beach, the most remote island with Cost village and Co To Ecolodge, are hotels with wooden rooms facing the sea with a price of 1 million 2 / room/night on weekdays, 1 million 4 / room/night last week and holidays. In addition, there are beach tents at the beach cost 1 million / room 2,3.

What is in Co To eat?

Apricots – specialty food of Co To She looks gorgeous elongated round but when processed into delicious food. Peanuts are usually dried to sip with beer, wine. In addition, the worms are processed into the soup when cooked. Stewed pork is a specialty that costs about 3-4 million / 1kg fresh worm. For processing, it needs to be quite meticulous, because it will not be exposed to a lot of sand.

Another dish should be tasted when traveling to Co To Island is the Bridge: The game is also a good seafood, high nutritional value, bring more health benefits. Typically, spikelets are processed into mainly 3-way dishes, grilled and cooked porridge. When traveling to Co To island you can taste the taste of this dish.

Travel to Coto Island: Sea Cucumber is very useful for health, prevention of kidney stones, weakness of the body, tonic. Ginseng can be processed into fried or cooked dishes. Cuc Mat: This is also quite a familiar dish of people in Co To island, Cu Ky looks like crabs but the shell is thicker and much harder. Its meat is delicious, meat is strong. But the price is cheaper than crabs. Besides these specialties, Co To also has other seafood such as surface, crab, squid, abalone, jellyfish, nail snake, squid …

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