Northwestern travel experience all four seasons for people “to move”

North West is a very familiar place in the “experience” dictionary of people and tourists. Not only is the climate fresh, cool, natural scenery both poetic, but also majestic scenic spots such as Moc Chau, Sapa, Y Ty, Mu Cang Chai … If you are planning To visit this beautiful land, the North West travel experience safe, the following useful savings will help you have a most memorable trip.

1.The North West tourist routes are common

– Hanoi – Highway 2 – Hoang Su Phi – Xin Man – Bac Ha – Y Thi – Sapa – Mu Cang Chai – Ha Noi

– Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sapa – Dien Bien – Son La – Moc Chau – Hoa Binh – Hanoi

– Hanoi – Moc Chau – Son La – Dien Bien – Sapa – Lao Cai – Hanoi

2.The most appropriate time to travel Northwest

Each year there are 4 seasons, each with its own beauty, but spring and autumn are the most beautiful, most beautiful North West.

– Spring: January – February (lunar calendar). According to the North West self-sufficiency tourism experience, this time around, the Northwest mountains and forests put on a flower plate, plum blossom and flowers are extremely brilliant. Not only that, but this is also the festival of the Northwest ethnic people. Besides “hunting flowers”, you also have the opportunity to sing, play and enjoy delicious food with indigenous people.

– Fall: September – November (solar calendar). This is the time when the terraced fields in the Northwest started to shine gold. Going northwest this time, you will be “hunted” and play the Northwest market on Saturday or Sunday.

3.How to get in and out of the North West?

You can ride a motorbike or car to the northwest. From Hanoi, there are many bus trips to the northwestern provinces. However, if you go by this means you will miss a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. So the best way to discover the North West is by renting a private car or by motorboat.

– If you travel by car or drive yourself: You should not go over 60 km / h when climbing the slopes. The best speed is 40 – 50 km / h, you can just watch the scenery, just to ensure safety.

– If you drive by motorcycles: Keep speed from 30 to 40 km / h when dipping. Whenever you reach the top of a slope, stop for a few minutes before slipping. Each day should not exceed 200km. The last days will be tiring. Go about 150km so stopping for a night is best.

According to the North West tourism experience, you should carefully check the machinery, brakes, oil … before leaving. Whether gasoline is more or less, you should bring gasoline or gasoline where you should fill the tank there, without waiting for gasoline to empty, the road without gasoline.

North West travel should not go too fast, otherwise will miss many precious moments. It is advisable to leave early in the morning to be alert, to get to the town, village or city to have a break before dawn. The most important is not to dump, go downhill at dusk or have dark.

4.Where should the Northwest Tourism be?

Northwest tourism is now very developed, in every city, town or village you can find a hotel, motel or homestay to rest. However, you should go to nearby or near the center for food and night walking. Most of the guest houses, rooms in this area cost about 100,000 – 200,000 VND / night. Check out the room before deciding to stay.

5.What to enjoy Northwest specialties?

The dishes you will be enjoying on the streets, Northwest tourist is tomato tofu, fried beef, jute vegetable soup with fireworks … Some restaurants on Moc Chau sugar line with fish Fried with pickled pickles quite delicious. Do Son La – Dien Bien with sour bamboo shoots or salty roasted chicken … Most visitors visit these eateries in different time frames, so the owner rarely cooks food. Only when the new owner cook to eat hot food. So do not be afraid of the “poor” restaurant, go boldly ask, you will have a warm meal belly before continuing the journey.

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