– Car: the Private car is a good idea, you can save a lot and comfortable in the tour schedule. However, you need a good car and an experienced driver, hard steering. Often families choose this style for their convenience and flexibility as well as comfort.

– Shuttle bus: A shuttle bus, which is a new type appeared in recent years but is quite known for professional service dedicated. Developed from tourism companies that serve tourists, you will be assured of the quality of service, not pick up passengers along the road as the usual car.

Getting to Cao Bang city, you may need to add some information about renting a motorbike or bus, taxi here.

– Taxi: If you want to call a taxi you can find the Vietnam Gulf, Huong Sen, Bao Tram, Vinh Dung, … The price is not too much different than the price of other cities. Often, the taxi will only go around downtown Cao Bang, if you go to other destinations, you should consider.

– Bus: If you are wondering to choose the bus route from Cao Bang to Ban Giaoc, Hoa Binh bus carrier has bus 03 + 07 route Cao Bang – Quang Uyen town – That Ban I leave daily and every 30-35 minutes there is a trip. The last trip from Cao Bang to Ho Chi Minh City is 17h15 and the return from Ban Gioc Waterfall is 16h45.

– Motorbike: Motorbike is an ideal choice, you can rent a car in the day for about 150,000 – 180,000 depending on the type of car depending on where the car rental. Its advantage is that you can go wherever you want, just fill up with gasoline is able to go comfortably. However, mountain roads should have a steady driver or team with you to ensure safety and avoid getting lost in a strange land.

4. Where to stay in Ban Gioc?

To choose a place to rest, you can stay right in Ban Giao or Chongqing area or in the center of Cao Bang city for more choices.

– Sai Gon – Ban Giaoc: in the immediate Moroccan waterfall, you do not need to worry away. This resort is 4 * standard with an area of ​​up to 31.15ha and 80 bedrooms can accommodate a large number of visitors.

– There are a number of guesthouses in Chongqing that are less developed but few visitors choose to stay here. However, you can refer to some names such as Dinh Van Hotel, guest house of Trung Khanh District, Minh Duc Guesthouse, Trung Hieu Guesthouse, …

– In the center of Cao Bang city, there are many hotels and guest houses to choose from, and more due to a large number of tourists, the service development and the more bustling. There are some good quality hotels such as Thanh Loan Hotel, Duc Trung, Sunny, …

5. Visit the fun spots in Ban Gioc waterfall

The ticket price to visit Ban Gioc now is 45.000VND / 1 ticket, but at the purchase of tickets you also need to buy insurance, so the end of about 50,000VND / 1 person visits the Ban Gioc waterfall.

Besides visiting the waterfall, there are many places you can combine such as Pac Cave, Nguom Ngao Cave, Hang Then Lake, Le Nin Stream, …

Pác Pó Cave

Pac Bo is a very famous place because of the presence of Uncle Ho in the difficult days. Before the cave, there is a small stream that Uncle named Lenin stream. Standing out from the cave overlooking the outside will see on the cliffs save his words: “February 8, 1941” – the day that Uncle came to this cave.

Len Nin

Located in front of Pac Pico cave is Lenin stream with clear water in the bottom, sometimes in the green color of the mountain forest gentle and deep.

Nguom Ngao Cave

The cave is about 3km from Ban Gioc waterfall, which is a combined tourist attraction when traveling to Ban Gioc Waterfall. The cave is located in the heart of a mountain in Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, with a total length of 2144m including 3 main gates: Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom and Ban Thuon. Step into the depths of the cave, explore the limestone and stalactite stalagmites that you can imagine imaginatively different images. There is a small stream flowing murmuring nature to become more fanciful.

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