A majestic waterfall located in the territory of the Fatherland, known as the most beautiful natural waterfall in Southeast Asia – Ban Gioc waterfall is worthy of an interesting place to explore in the journey. For the best preparation, please refer to the experience of touring the waterfall in detail in 2018.

1. What to wait for Ban Gioc Waterfall?

Ban Gioc Waterfall has an impressive natural landscape, located in the border area of ​​Viet Trung, attracting millions of visitors. Waterfalls are located on the flow of the Que Son River, known as the most beautiful natural waterfall in Southeast Asia – Ban Gioc Waterfall is a beautiful and attractive tourist destination cannot be ignored.

In the middle of the Ban Gioc Waterfall, there is a large area of ​​tree covered with trees, cutting the water into three main streams and dividing into two easily recognizable sections with a total width of 208m. The waterfall in the south is called Cao waterfall, this is the waterfall because the water is not large. The lower part of the waterfall is called the low waterfall, which is the main waterfall, with a large amount of water, located in the north on the border of Viet Trung.

On sunny days, sunlight shines through the white foam to create a rainbow effect is extremely virtual and beautiful. Because of that, will satisfy many people’s hearts when waiting for rainbow effect after rain that has not met. At the foot of the waterfall is a wide river, the two sides are the grass green grass, the far away is a very poetic tree. There is Nguom Ngao cave 3 km long, this cave has a length of over 2 km, very famous.

2. The most ideal time to visit Ban Gioc waterfall

In Gia Gioc at the beginning of the country, the climate in the Ban Gioc waterfall is divided into two distinct rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season starts from June to September. This is the time of the most spectacular Ban Gioc waterfall, the waterfall massively poured, foam white to clear. It is not difficult to speculate here is a great time to look at the symbol of the power of nature. However, along with the heavy rain brought abundant water also accompanied by floods and water swept. So on the days of the rainy month, you should consider not going. The best time to recommend to you is about September onwards, this time has stopped the rain, the weather is cool, the water of Ban Gioc waterfall is still great so you spoiled the beauty in here.

In contrast, the dry season starts from October to May of the following year. At this time, Ban Gioc waterfall is quite peaceful. The clear blue water combined with the golden rice crop at the foot of the waterfall creates an unforgettable scenery… Although it is the dry season, water is small, but Ban Gioc waterfall is very beautiful and attracts many tourists. Moreover, near the New Year or Lunar New Year, there are many families or delegations visiting here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of fresh mountain air.

3. How to go to Ban Giaoc?

Ban Gioc Waterfall is a transnational waterfall, which is bordered by Cao Bang in particular and Vietnam in general with China. Near Hanoi about 400 km, you can choose to Ban Giao by motorbike, car, private car or shuttle bus.

– Motorbike: Many young people like to feel adventurous and new on the streets should be preferred choice by motorcycle. Often, you combine Ha Giang and Mau Son to round a bow. However, if the steering wheel is weak, you should not consider this route because the road to Ban Gioc is quite difficult, with many steep slopes and curves, and a longer journey can take up to 9 – 10 hours, then it must be professional to go.

– Passenger car: Passenger car is also quite a lot of people choose. From Hanoi, there are quite a lot of car beds on Cao Bang such as Thanh Ly, Mai Luy, Ngoc Ha, Khanh Hoan, … The price is not too expensive from 170,000 to 200,000. It takes about 6-7 hours to go to Cao Bang city. Depending on the house, there will be light, lunch, dinner coming from My Dinh wharf, but to save time you should choose the night, rest overnight in the car and early morning can go to Cao Bang city.

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