Experience the mountain of fun, through the actual trip

If you do not know where to go camping in Hanoi, Tram Mountain is the ideal destination you should not miss. Not only are you discovering nature, you have the opportunity to conquer the majestic mountains, mysterious caves, but you also visit the sacred tourist site of Tram Pagoda again. If you are interested, please refer to the article sharing experience travel Mountain of fun, through the actual trip of dulichfun.com below.

Experiencing mountain biking in 2018 details

What is the need to prepare for the mountain tour?

To make the trip to Tram Mountain fun, the preparation of luggage is very important. Therefore, according to travel experiences mountain self-sufficiency, you should bring some items such as:

+ Vehicles: If you go by motorbike, you should maintain the entire car before the trip to avoid the breakdown of the vehicle on the way.

  • The vehicle must be equipped with a rearview mirror, a helmet, a license, car insurance, vehicle license, … if you do not want to get into trouble with the traffic police.
  • Should carry a repair kit to handle the car when it goes wrong, such as tires, tires, …
  • Gasoline filled the tank before leaving, because when approaching the resort Tram mountain without the fuel.

+ Prepare tents, canvas for camping, barbecues.

  • If you do not want to bring too many bulky goods, at the foot of Tram Mountain there are also shops for rent camping items such as tents, lamps, kitchen, grills, bowls, chopsticks … at quite affordable prices, about 70k / night / tent 2 people, 100k / night / tent 4 people. The items such as bowls, chopsticks, broiling, about 15k / item.
    Should bring food, drinks available from home such as meat, sausages, fruits, water, … and alcoholic, to be able to organize BBQ barbecue in the wild.

+ Costume: Bring a long sleeve to avoid the sun. (If you want to camp overnight, you should bring a set of clothes to change and toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)

  • Bring the umbrella to go for a walk.
  • Should wear footwear to support foot traffic, climbing.

What is the best season for Tram Mountain? The ideal time to travel Tram Mountain

You can go camping, picnic Mount Tram at any time in the year is also. However, with the experience of mountain tourism is fun, convenient, if you want to experience the Festival of Tram Pagoda, come here on 2/2 (lunar calendar).

+ If you are a nature lover, want to see the scent of flowers, then go to Tram Mountain at the end of March, early April to see the wildflowers in the area.

Or you can also come here from April to May, which is also a great time to visit Tram Mountain. By this time the temperature is still cool, not sunny, convenient for mountain climbing or camping are great.

How to go to Mount Tram? A guide to traveling to Tram Mountain

Nui Tram is not too far from the center of Hanoi, only about 30km, so travel is very easy. In Hanoi, you can choose one of the two main transportation options: private vehicles (motorbikes, private cars) and buses.

How to travel Tram mountain by motorbike, private car: Tram mountain road is also quite simple, you can go the following route:

From Ha Noi, you drive to Ha Dong -> then follow Highway 6 (direction Hoa Binh) -> go about 25km then you will go to Chuc Son town -> here you ask people, Local people, the way to Tram Mountain is (Take about 2 – 3km to the place).
Guide Tram Mountain tour by bus from Hanoi: There are many bus routes to Tram Mountain from Hanoi you can refer as the route: 37, 57 and 80.

After picking up the bus, you ask the driver and the car when to park in Ninh Ninh to let down. Here you ask for the road to Tram Mountain, about 2km walk to the place.
However, according to the experience of traveling to Tram Mountain, self-sufficient, convenient and safe, to simplify, after landing at Ninh Thuan, you catch the motorbike thanks to them to the mountain resort.

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